Sales Manager Resume Example & Guide

Sales Manager Resume Example & Guide

Learning how to write a good sales manager resume is as important as achieving your sales numbers – it’s how you market yourself to potential employers.

A professional resume highlights your skills, experience and achievements with well-written bullet points. Your resume template should grab recruiter’s attention immediately and make you stand out.

Writing a basic resume is not enough, your resume has to have what hiring manager is looking for and it should be well understood by ATS software. In this guide, you will learn how to write a sales manager resume that shows you as a strong candidate and get you hired faster.

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Sales Manager Resume Example


Territory Sales Manager
danie@email.com | +1 789567345 | Miami, Florida, USA | www.linkedin.com/in/danieyes


  • Accomplished Sales Manager, exceeding targets with strategic planning and team leadership.
  • Cultivates collaborative relationships, driving innovation and exceptional results.
  • Results-oriented leader, maximizing team potential through effective training and mentoring.
  • Dynamic professional, driving business growth with strategic sales strategies and customer engagement.


  • Strategic Sales Planning
  • Leadership
  • Communication & Transparency
  • Sales Training & Mentorship
  • Relationship Building
  • CRM Software


Territory Sales Manager, Trainer | Zicon Inc, Miami, USA
2021 – Current

  • Achieved 161% of fiscal year goal by selling software, maintenance agreements, calibrations, warranties, and accessories in US & Canada.
  • Exceeded annual sales targets, ranking top three in key metrics: quote/sales totals, territory growth, detractor percentage, lead response time.
  • Promoted for exceptional performance, managing larger territories: US support (Mar ’21), Canada (Oct ’21), NA key accounts (Nov ’22), cross-selling (Jun ’23).
  • Continuously generated sales leads from existing and new customers, ensuring a steady sales pipeline.
  • Developed and delivered engaging sales presentations, effectively communicating product benefits to prospects and clients.
  • Played a key role in creating and maintaining a knowledge base of 250+ articles, facilitating organization-wide information sharing for sales optimization.
  • Orchestrated and executed comprehensive training programs for three new recruits, ensuring seamless integration into company culture and values.
  • Utilized CRM software to manage accounts and track performance metrics, aiding in data-driven decision-making for sales strategy.

Technical Service Engineer, Trainer | AB Corp, Miami, USA


  • Installation, calibration of coordinate measuring machines and repair over 150 customer sites.
  • Generated 22 successful leads that led to sales, service, or programming revenue.
  • Became trainer for new employees after only 14 months of employment.
  • Educated customers on new product lines, features, and upgrades for current equipment, and encouraged upgrades & proper maintenance.
  • Direct point of contact for customers & fellow employees for troubleshooting and problem-solving while still working at customer sites & travelling.
  • Conducted advanced training sessions for employees to share knowledge of product lines and processes.
  • Attended trade shows to drive customer engagement.

Junior Sales Representative | Journeyman Carpenter, Miami, USA

  • Established and maintained strong relationships with clients by actively listening to their needs, offering creative solutions, and ensuring their satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Achieved consistent revenue growth by identifying up-selling opportunities, offering premium services and products, and effectively closing sales.


Community College, Bachelor’s Degree in Sales | 2018 – 2021

Carpentry Apprentice, Journeyman License, 2006 – 2010
High School Diploma, 2004 – 2005


  • Building Computers
  • Reading & Audio-books
  • Home Renovation Projects
  • Golf & Football
  • Technology & Al
  • Travel & Hiking

Sales manager resume format

A sales manager should have leadership and management, training and communication skills that should be clearly visible in their resume. Formatting is the first thing we all notice, so it should be clean, well-spaced and well-organised.

Few things to keep in mind when formatting your sales manager resume

  • Reverse chronological order – This resume format keeps the focus on work experience as a reverse timeline. You will start with your most recent job and go all the way back to your last job. How far should you go? this I will answer towards the end. So your work experience clearly shows your career path and that is why recruiters love it.
  • Header – Top of your resume will start with your name. Header will have your contact information (email, phone and address) and headline (introductory job title). In this example, headline is “Territory Sales Manager”.
  • ATS compatibility – This is most important to land interviews. ATS-friendly resume means, it should be software readable and it should have relevant skills and responsibilities (keywords) that employer has asked for in the job description. You should not use graphics or tables and should only use simple fonts like – Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Verdana, Cambria, Times New Roman, Garamond, Roboto etc.
  • One page resume- Ideally sales resume should be one page long. That means you need to sharpen your bullet points and remove irrelevant work experiences. For senior professionals, it can go up to 2 pages.
  • PDF Download – you should download your resume in PDF format to preserve ats compatible formatting. PDF ensures your resume looks same across Windows, mac or other software.

5 Skills to include in Sales manager resume

  1. Sales – This is the primary skill you are working for. Sales can be corporate sales, B2B sales, SAAS sales etc which change from company to company.
  2. Leadership – Working as a sales manager you are expected to lead sales teams and drive sales targets. This involves providing guidance, motivation, and support to team members while also setting a clear direction for the team
  3. Strategic Thinking – Sales Managers should analyse market trends and competitors and set realistic team goals. You will develop and implement new sales plans and form strategies to drive growth and expand market share.
  4. Training & Development – As sales lead or manager, you are responsible for training and coaching junior sales representatives. This is where your sales experience and people management skills are tested.
  5. Relationship Building – You will be building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders to drive sales and long-term business success. You will be leveraging available channels like online speaking engagements and networking events to connect with new partners and opportunities.

Common skills, action Verbs and Certifications for sales manager

Common Skills
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Problem Solving
  • Negotiation
  • Analytical Skills
  • Team Building
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Customer Service
  • Decision Making
  • Presentation Skills
  • Networking
  • Product Knowledge (Important)
  • Goal Setting
  • Market Research
Action verbs
  • Led
  • Managed
  • Developed
  • Implemented
  • Coached
  • Negotiated
  • Generated
  • Analyzed
  • Achieved
  • Spearheaded
  • Certified Professional Sales Leader (CPSL)
  • Certified Sales Executive (CSE)
  • Certified Sales Operations Professional (CSOP)

You can pick suitable skills and certifications and include them in your resume. Action verbs will be used to add impact to your experience and summary bullet points. These are important and can make your resume stand out.

How to pick skills from sales manager job description

Your resume should be a good match for the job you are applying for. This means your resume should have all the key skills that the job requires. This is the primary criteria recruiters and hiring managers apply to shortlist candidates from a huge pile of applicants.

But how will you find skills mentioned in job description? You can do this by reading it. Let’s see this in action with below example, here skills are highlighted with color


Amazon is looking for an experienced Ad sales Manager to help grow its advertising business in India. The person will have the opportunity to define and execute the go-to-market strategy for Amazon’s, fast-growing advertising business, by engaging with media agencies and brands.

The ideal candidate will have a strategy/BD/sales background preferably with revenue responsibility. A proven track record of building partnerships and working in a complex, cross-functional environment is a key requirement. He/she must also possess strong communications skills and the ability to build and convey compelling value propositions to internal and external stakeholders. He/she will have a keen sense of ownership, drive, and desire to win!


  • Serve as a key member of the ad sales team, helping to drive overall Amazon Advertising strategy and business growth.
  • Establish and build strong, profitable, long-term relationships with media agencies and brands and expand the partner ecosystem.
  • Build scale into the business development function by collaborating with internal stakeholders (product, program and marketing teams) to develop joint business plans and upsell opportunities.
  • Prepare and present business reviews to the senior management team regarding progress and roadblocks to increasing adoption customers.

Basic Qualifications

  • Graduate in any discipline from a Tier I institute
  • MBA from a premier B-School
  • 6+ years of experience in ad sales.
  • Demonstrated experience in winning and retaining clients and establishing relationships with partners.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to think strategically and execute methodically. Adept at making data-driven decisions.
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced, multi-tasked, high-energy environment

In below example, you can see the right and wrong ways of adding skills to sales manager resume

❌ Wrong
  • 2+ Years Software Sales Experience
  • 6 Months B2B Sales Experience – Relationship Development
  • Product Knowledge
  • Detail-Oriented – After-Sales Support
  • Software Sales, B2B Sales
  • Relationship Development
  • Product Knowledge
  • Customer Service

How to quantify sales resume example bullet points

You should make your resume bullet points more crisp, to the point and impactful. By quantifying bullet points we mean, adding financial, size or percentage base metrics where you can. Each and everything can’t be quantified but doing this for experience and achievements bullet points can make your resume impressive. Let’s see an example of quantifying work experience

❌Simple Bullet points
  • Sales of software, software maintenance agreements, calibrations, service warranties, customer education, & accessories in the US and Canada.
  • Increased sales up to 161% of 2022/23 fiscal year goal.
  • Exceeded annual sales targets all three years, always ranking in the top three performers across key metrics- including quote & sales totals, territory growth, lowest detractor percentage, and lead response time.
  • Consistently promoted to increasingly larger territories and responsibilities, starting first with supporting the sales team in March 2021; added all of Canada by October 2021; additionally assuming the co-management of all NA key accounts in
    November 2022; and also taking on cross-selling responsibilities for products from two different groups in June 2023.
✅After Quantifying
  • Achieved 161% of fiscal year goal by selling software, maintenance agreements, calibrations, warranties, and accessories in US & Canada.
  • Exceeded annual sales targets, ranking top three in key metrics: quote/sales totals, territory growth, detractor percentage and lead response time by implementing innovative sales ideas.
  • Promoted for exceptional performance, managing larger territories: US support (Mar ’21), Canada (Oct ’21), NA key accounts (Nov ’22), cross-selling (Jun ’23).

Additional sections for a sales representative resume

Our example of sales resume has all the must-have sections that every resume is going to have. You have to make your resume stand out and get hired faster. You should consider adding sections like Achievements & Awards, and certifications if you have any.

Recall appreciation, awards or even praise for management for outperforming your sales targets or executing the impossible. Write them down in bullet points and each point should say about – the achievement, the problem that you solved and how you solved it. Of course, your bullet points need to be concise and save a detailed version for the interview.

How to pick the best sales manager resume template

A resume template defines the structure and provides eye pleasing look for your resume. A good resume template for sales management role should be ATS compatible to provide the best results when applying online. It could be single-column resume template like Glacier Chill or a modern resume template that is one page. Let’s see these an example below –

Sales manager resume template

Frequently Asked Questions: Sales manager resume examples and tips

For senior sales professionals with more than 10 Years of experience, a question can come – How far back they should go while listing work experience?

We recommend you only include the past 10 years of work experience in your resume. Your resume doesn’t have to be your entire life history. Your future employer is not interested in knowing what you did 10 years before, they will be more keen on knowing your last 1-2 experiences.

We recommend using PDF file because its formatting remains consistent across Windows, mac and software. Maintaining ATS formatting in MS Word is difficult, especially if you are using modern resume templates. A small formatting mistake in Word can ruin your chance of getting a job.

A sales representative is a junior-level role where you talk to clients, prospects, leads and convert them into sales. Generating sales and revenue is your primary focus. You will have individual sales targets and your performance will be measured by meeting those.

On the other end, the Sales manager manages individual sales reps, defines targets and sets sales goals. He leads and manages sales team by training, driving KPIs, tracking overall sales performance and being responsible for business growth.

Key takeaways

In this example of sales resume, you have learnt –

  1. Resume format – You should use reverse chronological resume format and it needs to be ATS compatible. You should use simple fonts and avoid using complex graphics in your resume.
  2. Resume example – You have seen software sales manager resume example which you can use as a reference while creating your resume.
  3. Making your resume stand out – You learnt, how to write skills in resume, pick skills from job description and make your resume quantifiable. You can add more sections like Achievements, Awards and certifications in your sales resume to make it stand out and get hired faster.
  4. Resume Template – You have seen an example of the best sales resume template that is ATS friendly and Modern single page template. You can use them while making your resume with our resume builder.

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